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" I understand that preparing for such high-level exams requires participants to retrieve several up-to-date publications, books, and guidelines. This task is time-consuming! Thus, we have accomplished that challenging part of the job by bringing you the most updated recommendations and guidance."


You need to grab the book, sit down, read it, and clear it.

Dr Moussa Issa

All About EM Academy

As the author of this new edition, I am thrilled about introducing the latest edition of the new Emergency Medicine manual.

Anyone who has gone through the new RCEM curriculum will agree that it can be daunting navigating through the various SLOS. We have been used to looking for topics and headers, whereas the new curriculum only deals with outcomes. The outcomes can cover a wide range of topics, and given the broad non-exhausting field of emergency medicine, it can be challenging for one studying for an exam to know what to look for under a certain SLO.


To address this very issue, I began work on the new textbook. What began as work to cover the new RCEM curriculum has turned into a comprehensive textbook for Emergency medicine. This book can be used by one starting as an SHO/ACCS trainee in emergency medicine to any HST trainee to learn, fill in the knowledge gaps, and have a solid theoretical base for the exams.

With this book in hand, you will find navigating the RCEM curriculum and the various SLOS more streamlined to what you need to be learning.


Unlike previous editions where I worked with a limited team of colleagues, a team of doctors, all with a passion for learning, have come together to research journals and write and cross-reference articles. So what you will find is an amalgamation of a lot of hard work and dedication by some brilliant doctors with the final editing done by myself.


I hope you will find this manual helpful, and I look forward to your feedback on this new edition.

Dr Moussa Issa
MBBS, MRCEM, FRCEM, MSc, PhD candidate (Lancaster University) 
Consultant Emergency Medicine
Author & Director of Moussa Issa Academy





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